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San Lung Mui is a unique martial experience. From the first day a student is quickly acclimated into a new family. At San Lung Mui every student participates in the education of one another. As a family-friendly dojo, students quickly realize that they have not only joined a martial arts school, but they have gained an incredible network of friends that help each other advance in class as well as in everyday life.

San Lung Mui encourages students to travel to different events throughout the country and abroad thus encouraging a deeper understanding of other art forms and cultures. SLM is a multi-cultural dojo that educates the student of inherent differences and an appreciation of our many social differences and similarities.

San Lung Mui is well known on the tournament circuit due to its many wins, but also allows the privacy and choice of competing or not. There is never pressure to test or compete for those unsure or those who simply do not wish to explore those areas. San Lung creates an environment for personal growth through self-confidence and body restructuring through workouts.

San Lung Mai maintains a professional environment with champion instructors and a Grand Champion Hall of Fame Master, Sijo Thomas Gettling, thus ensuring the highest form of martial arts instruction. In short, San Lung Mui welcomes everyone into their fold and looks forward to seeing you!

San Lung Tao
Way of the Three Dragons

San Lung Tao was created in 1974. An exponent of several martial arts including judo, kung fu and karate, Soke Thomas Gettling decided to intertwine his knowledge of several arts to create a dynamic art that paid homage to tradition while being applicable in modern times. Soke Gettling borrowed liberally from all his teachers and then refined the techniques, discarding those techniques he felt were antiquated and modifying others to deal with today's morality and increase their effectiveness.

Originally Soke compared his ability to other martial artists. He quickly discovered that some arts produced better kickers, some better grapplers, and some had better hand techniques. Rather than ignore these differences, Soke embraced them, but wanted to overcome any deficiencies his art may have had. With that in mind, Soke endeavored to learn as many art forms as he could thus creating a living, breathing, evolving art form capable of adapting to life's ever-changing demand on one's own ability to defend one's self.

Since 1974 San Lung has been taught around the world thank to Soke's affiliation with AFMA (American Federation of Martial Arts), San Lung has schools in six states and three schools on Long Island. Never satisfied with the status quo, Soke has produced one champion after another. Whether it's in kata, weapons, self defense or fighting, Soke wants a complete martial artist who's as comfortable on the ground or standing up, in a ring or in the street.

San Lung Tao enables its practitioners to express their individuality, unlike the mass robotics of other art forms. In short, because of the diversity in San Lung, one is able to find an area to excel in while being cognizant of all the rest that San Lung Tao offers. Soke says it's difficult to fight while handcuffed, especially if that handcuff is your art.

Soke created San Lung to be your key to martial arts freedom.

San Lung Mui